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From Home user and Gamer services to Business services, I do it all! If you have a technology problem, I offer many services to make your personal and professional life run smoother! Check out my Services and Pricing or give me a call to get started!

Technology is great, until it breaks! Sadly, our daily life is predicated on digital machinery that doesn’t age gracefully and tends to break at the worst times! With decades of hands-on experience and continuous awareness within the IT industry, I provide everything to help you maintain your system, just short of board repair and soldering! If you need a board repair technician, check out my favorite repair person: Louis Rossmann, head of Rossmann Group, at

“Even in the future nothing works!”

~Dark Helmet

Who am I?


I am a gamer, college graduate from University of Memphis in Computer Science, and Reliability Analyst at St. Jude/ALSAC. I’ve repaired computers and tinkered with technology since the early 2000s.

You can read my technology ideas, tutorials, learning resources, and philosophies on my personal website.